e-poxy epoxy resin

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Epoxy Resins


Epoxy resin to Pour your own river table, create your own metallic floor or create your own resin art painting. Use casting epoxy in combination with other materials to create lamps, jewelry , Resin art, custom furniture, wood, glass, plastics, carbon and glass fibers items, terra, aquarium, construction and modeling, Level your tabletops and Create a stunning Kitchen countertops. Add Metallic and colored pigments to our epoxy to make your projects even more unique.

Pourpoxy Table Top Resin

Table top epoxy resin is mainly used to do a final coat over tables to give it a high gloss finish or Coating objects to protect them.

Pourpoxy Casting Resin

Casting Epoxy Resin Pourpoxy

For layers up to 3cm. Casting Epoxy Resin is Mainly used for making River tables, Filling moulds that require a quick curing time.

Extremely deep casting resin pourpoxy

Deep Casting Epoxy Resin Pourpoxy

For Layers up to 10cm. Deep casting epoxy is Mainly used for making River tables, Filling moulds,  funiture or products.

Art Casting Epoxy

Art Casting Epoxy Resin PourPoxy

Resin art casting epoxy is Mainly used for making resin art paintings, coasters and other decorative applications.


Specifically composed epoxy pigments from Pourpoxy. Create deep metallic shimmer or transparent effects in epoxy resin. Use them for epoxy casting, pouring and coating. Create beautiful resin art paintings, river tables and to make beautiful jewellery with Pourpoxy. We challenge you to use your own creativity to create something unique and beautiful.


Metallic Epoxy Resin Pigments

Pourpoxy Metallic Pigments

Metallic pigments are the most commonly used pigments for epoxy. These Pigments are used for Rivertables and resin art. Our pigments are economically friendly in use what means: with about 10 grams of powder you can fully color 1500 grams of epoxy.

Transparant Resin Pigments

Pourpoxy Transparent Pigments

PourPoxy transparent pigment colors provide a translucent coloring of your epoxy. The dosage in relation to the epoxy is low which makes it very economical.

Resin Pigment Packs

Pourpoxy Pigment Packs

The best way to become a resin artist! Get yourself a epoxy pigment pack. Every package contains six different pigments. Obviously the best way to start creating a resin art, jewellery, filling molds or organite filling



We understand that creating high quality Epoxy Resin Art Pieces is a learning curve. With so many information, products and ideas going around, we want to assist you in getting started the best possible way. Here are a few Guides to help you get started.

Epoxy Resin Table

How To Create an Epoxy River Table

Welcome to this Manual to make your own Epoxy River Table. The instruction below gives you the information on how to start creating your own beautiful and unique table in a Step by Step process.

How to remove bubbles from epoxy resin

How to Remove Bubbles from your Epoxy

When you start working with Epoxy Casting Resin you will get Air Bubbles. These Epoxy air bubbles can damage your work and you need to know how to handle them. This guide will help you with removing bubbles from your work.

How to make Resin Art Epoxy

How To Make Resin Art And Use Resin Art Epoxy

You can do amazing things with Epoxy and especially with Art Epoxy Resin from Pourpoxy. In this article we give you step by step instructions on best practises to get you started in the right way.

Casting Epoxy Drops

What Casting Epoxy Do I Need To Use?

In this guide we put all our epoxy resins side by side to make it as clear as possible which resin you need for your project! Epoxy does have many different applicabilities. We want to guide you through what it possible with Epoxy resin

Transparent Pigment Color Combinations

Transparent Pigment Color Combinations!

How to make more colors by using our 14 basic colors to create more than colors !
In the transparent pigment color combination table you can see all the combinations with the corresponding droplet ratio.

How to create Epoxy Resin Furniture that sells

How to create Epoxy Furniture that sells

Choosing the right Epoxy and Wood can make a huge difference in making High Quality Resin Furniture that sells.

The Epoxy Resin Guide


I also have a blog available which concentrates more on the use of Epoxy Resins. Feel Free to visit The Epoxy Resin Guide for more information