3D Metallic Floor Instructions

You can follow these instructions to create E-Poxy 3D Metallic Floors. You can achieve various patterns depending on how you mix the Epoxy and Pigments.


Preparation of the floor is very important with Epoxy Floors. You have to ensure that the floor is level, dry and dust free. If you have washed the floor, give it a couple of days to dry off. Ensure that all previous paints are removed.


The E-Poxy Floor Primer must be mixed at a ratio of 100 Parts A and 55 Parts B. The quantities must be measured with a scale and must not be mixed by volume. Pour both parts in a container and mix for 2 minutes. Pour the contents in a second container and mix for another two minutes. Make sure that everything that you have mixed can be used within 30 minutes. Once the epoxy sets, you will no longer be able to apply it.

Apply the primer at a rate of 150g per m2 with a Mohair Roller. Other types of rollers will create bubbles. Leave the primer overnight to dry before applying the 3D Metallic Epoxy.

Mixing the Epoxy

E-Poxy 3D Metallic Floor Epoxy should be applied at a rate of 1,6kg per m2. Applying at lower rates will cause the epoxy to move away from each other and will leave dry spots. The epoxy is self leveling and the thicker your application, the better the effect will be.

To ensure a good pattern and effect you should divide the epoxy in three quantities. Once you have mixed (Part A : 100) and (Part B: 60) for two minutes in one container and then two minutes in another container, you divide the final mixture into three portions (clean containers):

First portion 60%
Second Portion 20%
Third Portion 20%

The first portion is mixed with your base color pigment while the other two portions are mixed with your metallic pigments.

Once again make sure that you have only mixed enough epoxy that you can use in 30minutes. The larger the quantity of epoxy you mix, the more it will heat up and the sooner it will set. Do not mix more than 8kg at a time. If you have a large floor that you are working on, have another team member prepare the next batch of epoxy.

Applying the Epoxy

Pour the epoxy from all three containers (one by one) in a figure 8 on the floor. Use a Spatula or squeegee and pull the epoxy so that it covers the entire floor. Try not to mix the colors too much.

Once the epoxy has reached the entire area, you can spray a few squirts of E-Poxy Bubble Pop Spray. This will create amazing effects on the floor.

Once you are done with this, wait about 5 minutes, and then go over the floor with a gas flame to pop the rest of the bubbles. Too much flame will make the epoxy too thin, and it will run off. If you put the flame on before the Bubble POP Spray has evaporated, it will ignite because there is a high alcohol content in the bubble pop spray. Be careful with this operation.

Attending a Workshop

We always recommend that you attend one of our Floor Applicators Workshops where we teach people how to install the floors.