Colour Fusion Powder Pigments is a range of 86 different Metallic Powder pigments that comes in a full set, Pigment Packs and Individual packaging of 5g, 10g and 50g

Pack A consists of

Azure Blue (PY-LS-04)
Bordeaux (PY-PP-13)
Iridescent Blue (PY-IF-05)
Magenta (PY-PP-07)
Moss Green (PY-RN-08)
Orange Red (PY-OY-04)
Red Gold (PY-RG-)02)
Rich Teal (PY-RN-04)
Rose Quartz (PY-RD-12)
Scarlet Red (PY-RD-15)
Sea Green (PY-RN-07)
Violet (PY-PP-12)