Create Amazing Epoxy Floors with E-Poxy Floor Epoxy

E-Poxy manufactures high quality Epoxy Resin Flooring Materials that can be used as DIY Epoxy Floor Kits or specialized systems for Dealers and Applicators across Southern Africa. We base our manufacturing process on the High Quality Products that we import from Europ

We supply the following Epoxy Floor Products:

DIY Epoxy Floor Kits

Our DIY Epoxy Floor Kits were designed to help you to create amazing Epoxy Floors by doing it yourself. Epoxy Flooring is and can be complex, and that is why we have developed a system to make it as easy as possible for you. Before you start with your Epoxy Floor, make sure you read our article on the 7 reasons why Epoxy Floors Fail. This will help you plan better and make sure that you have a better understanding of how to apply the epoxy.

The E-Poxy DIY Epoxy Floor System is made up of an Epoxy Floor Primer to help you seal the floor in the best possible way. The primer is applied to the floor by brush or roller.

Once the Primer is dry you can add the Floor Epoxy Top Coat in one of two ways:

    1. E-Poxy Floor Coating Epoxy
    2. E-Poxy Floor Self Leveling Epoxy

The E-Poxy Floor Coating Epoxy is a thin layer of specialized epoxy resin (made especially for floors) which is applied with a roller at about 750g per m2. You can read more about the Floor Epoxy Application here. Because this layer is thin, it is the cheaper option.

The E-Poxy Floor Self Leveling Epoxy is a thicker layer (about 2,5mm) which gives a high gloss effect and is durable to be used on a very level surface for best results.

Both Epoxy Applications comes in a range of 213 different colors, and 24 Metallic effect pigments can be added to create amazing effects. Click here to see the Most Popular Colors.

Epoxy Floor Coating

Epoxy Coating

Epoxy Floor Coatings is the ideal way to cover your floor with a high quality coating at a low price

Epoxy Self Leveling Floor

Epoxy Self Leveling Floors offer a beautiful effect to the high quality floor surface.