Epoxy Pigments from Pourpoxy

Specifically composed epoxy pigments from Pourpoxy. Create deep metallic shimmer or transparent effects in epoxy resin. Use them for epoxy casting, pouring and coating.

Create beautiful resin art paintings, river tables and to make beautiful jewelry with Pourpoxy Epoxy Pigments. We challenge you to use your own creativity to create something unique and beautiful. Information about the epoxy pigments can be found at the bottom of this page. For mixing ratio’s click the link.

Metallic Epoxy Resin Pigments

Metallic Pigments

Metallic pigments are the most commonly used pigments for epoxy. These Pigments are used for Rivertables and resin art. Our pigments are economically friendly in use what means: with about 10 grams of powder you can fully color 1500 grams of epoxy.

Transparant Resin Pigments

Transparent Pigments

Pourpoxy transparent epoxy pigments are designed for decorative applications. Use transparent pigment for resin art or epoxy river tables.

Give a unique look to your project. Only a few drops to color the epoxy resin in the desired color makes it very durable. Choose between fourteen different colors

Resin Pigment Packs

Pigment Packs

The best way to become a resin artist! Get yourself a epoxy pigment pack. Every package contains six different pigments. This allows you to create amazing patterns and colours that match. We offer three different Pigment Packs.

E-Poxy Liquid Pigments

E-Poxy Liquid Pigments

E-Poxy Liquid Pigments is a range of Liquid Resin Pigments of High Quality and comes in a range of basic colors