Epoxy Products

Epoxy Resin Workshop

Cutting Boards

We have a variety of Epoxy Coated Cutting Boards available for sale.

Epoxy Resin Workshop

Charcutterie Boards

High Gloss Epoxy Coatde Charcutterie Boards is ideal to as food serving plates or Cheese Boards. Prevent cutting on these boards as it might damage the finish.


Riverflow Furniture

We build Epoxy Resin Riverflow Tables from the Highest Quality Pourpoxy Epoxy Resin.

Epoxy Resin Workshop

Epoxy Art Side Tables

We manufacture various design Side Tables from Epoxy Resin

Red Resin Cross

Epoxy Art Crosses

We have a selection of High Quality Epoxy Resin Art Crosses for sale

Epoxy Coated Art Pantry Cabinets

Epoxy Art Cabinets

Original art treated with High Gloss Pourpoxy Epoxy Resin as door panels.

High Gloss Wood Coatings

High Gloss Wood Coatings

High Gloss Wood Coated Products

High Gloss Epoxy Resin Tiles

Custom Made Epoxy Resin Tiles

We create Unique Artistic Epoxy Resin Tiles to beautify your home.

Epoxy Coated Photographs

Epoxy Coated Prints

Epoxy Resin gives a crystal clear layer for Photos and Prints

Epoxy Serving Tray

Epoxy Serving Trays

The High Gloss of Pourpoxy Epoxy Resin and Pigments create beautiful Serving Trays