Epoxy Resin Workshops

Epoxy Resin Workshops

Attend one of our Epoxy Resin Workshops and learn how to create awesome products with Epoxy Resin. Get your creativity flowing in one of our Workshops where you will learn the art of working with Epoxy Resin. It is so rewarding to see Epoxy Resin pieces coming alive.

We offer Epoxy Resin Workshops in the George – Grootbrak area and we cater for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Epoxy users.

Epoxy Resin Workshops

Beginner Workshop

Learn the Basics about Epoxy Resin.

  • Which Resin to use
  • How to mix Resin
  • Using Molds
  • How to create Epoxy Jewellery
  • Making Resin Coasters
  • How to Make Resin Cutting and Charcutterie Boards
  • and much more..

Cost R 1 500.00 per attendee

Includes Lunch, Coffee and Tea and all the products that you need for the workshop.

You will be making a Cutting Board and Set of Coasters that you can take home.


Epoxy Resin Workshop

Advanced Workshop

In this exciting workshop we will belooking at how to create an Epoxy River Table. Information that you will learn in this workshop includes:

  • Creating a Mold for Tables
  • Preparing your project
  • Pouring and Pigments
  • Demoulding
  • Advanced Epoxy Finishes
  • and much more..

Cost R 4500-00 per attendee

Floor Applicator Workshop

Join this Workshop to learnĀ  how to create a stunning looking Epoxy Floor. This is a practical Workshop and you will learn how to prepare, prime, coat a floor and how to create amazing metallic effects .

Cost R 3500-00 per attendee

Epoxy Resin Workshops

The workshops was designed to assist you from beginner where you have no knowledge of Epoxy Resin, to Pro Level where you can make awesome Epoxy Riverflow Tables and other amazing Art and Craft products. Not only is a skill like this very valuable but it also create an opportunity where you can turn your skills into a business should you wish to.

The Epoxy Resin Workshops offer a hands on experience, where attendees create products and learn from each others mistakes.

The Epoxy Resin Workshops lasts from 09h00 to 15h00 and includes all the material needed to work with.

During the Sessions you will learn about the different types of Epoxy Resins like Table Top Epoxy Resin, Casting Epoxy Resin and Deep Cast Epoxy Resin.

You will also learn about coloring with Metallic Pigment Powders, Transluscent Pigments and other methods and effects that you can achieve with Epoxy and Pigments.

One of the major issues in Epoxy work is the removal of bubbles from the Epoxy. In these course we are dealing extensively with the removal of bubbles and how to get a professional finish. In the Advanced course we look at various methods of attaining absolute stunning finishes on Epoxy Surfaces.

How to make an Epoxy Resin Workshop Booking

Contact Christo Fouche on 081 2700 884 to reserve your seat for the next Workshop