Epoxy Resin Table

Welcome to the manual to make your own Epoxy River Table. The instruction below gives you in 8 steps the expertise to start creating your own beautiful and unique table.

This table is made with Pourpoxy Deep Casting Epoxy Resin.

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How to Remove Bubbles from Epoxy

How to remove Epoxy Bubbles

Remove Bubbles from your Epoxy

One of the biggest issues that many new Epoxy Artists have to deal with is Air Bubbles in the Epoxy.

In this Article we deal with this issue and how you can remove bubbles from your Epoxy Project in the best possible way.

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How to Make Resin Art

How to make Resin Art

Resin Art is a very rewarding Hobby. If you want to learn how to make art using resin, then this article is for you.

In this Step by Step Article we take you through the first essential steps that you need to know when approaching you first project.

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Which Epoxy should I use?

What Casting Epoxy to use

Which is the right Epoxy?

With many different choices it is important toknow which Epoxy Resin do you need to use for which Application.

In this Article we willshowyou what is available, what the difference is and what you need to use for your specific project. 

If you have any difficulty deciding, please contact us on +27 (0)81 2700 884 and we will be glad to assist you.

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