This article will give you an overview of how to apply an Epoxy Floor Coating from E-Poxy. We manufacture a Floor Coating and a Floor Self Leveling Epoxy. This article is about applying the Coatings. The Epoxy Floor coating and The Self Leveling Epoxy is almost the same product, but have different application instructions.

Preparing the surface

Preparation of the surface for Epoxy Floors are the most important step and you should take great care with preparation. Epoxy Floor Coatings can be applied to a flat smooth and dry concrete surface. The more level the surface is, the better you floor will be.

An E-Poxy Epoxy Floor Coating system consists of three parts.

  • Epoxy Primer
  • Epoxy Floor Screed
  • Epoxy Coating

Epoxy Primer

The Epoxy Primer is a two part Epoxy that forms the binding between the concrete and the Epoxy. The Primer will infiltrate small cracks and must be allowed 24 hours to dry after application. Check the Container for the correct Mixing Ratio. Please note that Epoxy is mixed by weight and not by volume. Following the correct mixing ratio is very important, else the epoxy will not bind correctly. Epoxy primer should be applied at 300g per square meter and can be applied by brush or epoxy roller. Tools used with epoxy should be cleaned with Acetone. I found that cleaning used epoxy rollers are not worth it, and normally throw them away after use.

Epoxy Floor Screed

Epoxy Floor Screed should be applied at 1kg per square meter and should be mixed according to the ratio and instructions on the container. Epoxy Floor Screed is also a two part Epoxy with more solid particles to form a grip between the primer and epoxy coating. It also helps to smooth out the surface and to level uneven surface areas.

To apply the Epoxy Floor Screed, us a a putty knife (100mm works best) and smooth the mixture over the surface area. Allow to dry overnight or for 24 hours.

Epoxy Primer and Epoxy Screed and Epoxy Coatings should not be applied in layers thicker than 5mm as it will heat up damage the epoxy.

Epoxy Floor Coating

E-Poxy Epoxy Floor Coating comes in two parts and need to mixed according to the ratio on the container by weight and not by volume. Mixing at the wrong ratio could damage the epoxy or cause it to not harden to the desired strength.

The E-Poxy range of Epoxy Floor Coatings are manufactured in 213 different colors. Different batches from the same color might have differences, and should be ordered in one batch to get an even color distribution.

To apply the epoxy coating use a putty knife or squeegee (100mm – 250mm depending on the size of the floor) and scrape the epoxy in figure 8 motions to cover the entire surface of the floor. Next use an epoxy roller to roll the epoxy out over the surface. Roll three coats. Each coat in a different direction.

Leave 24 hours to dry. The floor will take 7 days to fully cure.