How to Remove Bubbles from Epoxy

When you start working with epoxy casting resin you might get air bubbles. These Epoxy air bubbles don’t give a amazing end result of course. This doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. There are a number of different steps that can be taken to remove the Epoxy air bubbles from the epoxy resin. Are you curious what these ways are? Then it’s a good idea to read on, we’ll show you in this article!

How to easily fix them yourself!

The easiest way to remove Epoxy air bubbles yourself after they raise to the surface is to use Pourpoxy Degasser. With this formula the air bubbles will disappear in no time. thanks to this product the surface tension will be lowered, this allows the air bubbles to rise and disappear. Because the product evaporates very quickly, this will have no consequences for the end result. It is also possible to provide the product with a vacuum to remove all the air bubbles. By choosing Pourpoxy Degasser you can be sure that the air bubbles will be gone in no time.

DIY methods for removing Epoxy air bubbles

If you do not intend to use Pourpoxy Bubble Pop it is also possible to use a number of DIY methods. With these methods you will be able to remove the bubbles without a lot of resources. Keep in mind that these methods will be less effective than using Pourpoxy degasser. First of all you can use a small wooden stick to remove the Epoxy bubbles to literally let them “eplode”. Rubbing the surface will remove most of the Epoxy bubbles doing it this way. An alternative is to use a paint burner or gas burner very carefully. Be careful not to damage the surface.

Preventing Air Bubbles

In understanding how to remove bubbles from epoxy, prevention is of course better than cure, even when it comes to using epoxy casting resin. If you want to make sure that the Epoxy air bubbles do not form on the surface then it is possible to apply it in a convenient way. You can prevent the bubbles by first priming the surface with an epoxy layer. By applying a primer layer there will be almost no more bubbles on the surface. This really makes it a lot easier to prepare the table in the right way before pouring the resin.

Another fault that get heavenly used it mixing with a spiral mixer on really high rpm. Mixing this way creates loads of air in the epoxy. To prevent this we recommend using a special mixer designed for mixing crystal clear resins. For low volumes we recommend using a paint mixing stick and mix it intensive.

If you know how to remove bubbles from epoxy, your projects will most likely become more valuable. Even a small bubble or cluster of bubbles can make your project unatractive.

How to remove bubbles from epoxy

TIP: Always use two mixing buckets.
The first bucket to add your epoxy A and B compound ratio. The second bucket is there to pour over the contents of the first bucket then mix it intensive again. This will completely mix your epoxy resin.

With these tips and tricks you can be sure that everything will be prepared in the most optimal way for the Epoxy layer. By the way, on the site you can find a lot more information regarding the use of the Epoxy resin and the pigments for them. By reading these carefully you will know much better what to expect when treating your furniture or tables or resin art! Check them all.

How to Remove Bubbles from Epoxy

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