Bubble Pop Spray


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Create Pigment Effects

Degrease surfaces

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Bubble Pop Spray

Remove Air Bubbles from your Epoxy Project or create amazing color effects by using this spray. The Pourpoxy Bubble Pop Spray is an all round Epoxy Tool seeing that it has multiple uses as described below.

Bubble Pop Transparent Pours

At Transparent Pours the Isopropyl Alcohol is perfect to remove air bubbles from your project. The Spray bottle ensures that you get an even large mist spray which is ideal to cover the epoxy surface. By using Pourpoxy Bubble Pop your project will look even better. The spray ensures that the surface tension lowers and that the air bubbles can pop faster. You can also use a vacuum pump to remove bubbles from your epoxy.

Effect Spray Resin Art

When creating Epoxy art you can use the Pourpoxy Bubble Pop Spray to create awesome patterns, especially if you use it in conjunction with our Pourpoxy Metallic Pigment Powders. The Bubble Pop Spray breaks up the pigment cells and creates a very nice looking effect.

Cleaning of your Resin Equipment

The spray can help you to remove epoxy from your equipment if the epoxy has not harden yet. It is also a great way of cleaning your Silicone molds.

Why should you use the spray? (Instead of a Gas Burner)

When you mix and cast epoxy it creates bubbles. These Bubbles has a negative impact on your project. You can remove the bubbles by using a gas burner. The Gas Burner can however have a negative effect on the epoxy. The best way to avoid using gas is to use the Pourpoxy Bubble Pop Spray.

Gas Burner disadvantages

  • Epoxy can burn
  • Epoxy can turn yellow
  • The top layer hardens too quickly and can harm the project
  • Can become exothermic and allows the epoxy to boil
  • Damaging of Silicone Molds

How to use the Pourpoxy Bubble Pop?

When finished pouring the epoxy allow some bubbles to form. Give one spray over the surface and wait for a period to let new bubbles form. Spray again to remove newly formed bubbles. Do not spray too much since this can also affect your epoxy

Benefits of Bubble Pop/ Effect spray:

  • Quick removal of air bubbles.
  • Disinfectant
  • Makes great effect when using in combination with Metallic Pigments
  • Good cleaning of Silicone molds.
  • Can be used with all Epoxy Resins
  • Degreasing your casting surface before the pour starts
  • Cleaning epoxy resins that have not yet hardened

Disadvantages of Bubble Pop/ Effect spray:

  • Does not remove bubbles inside the epoxy.
  • Not good to spray too much on the surface as it can damage the epoxy.

Contents 250ML & 500ML

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250ml, 500ml


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