Onyx Pearl Black Metallic Pigment

  • Excellent Coloration
  • Can be used in combination with other pigments.
  • Metallic Pigment Powder
  • Easy to use!

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Onyx Pearl Black Pigment from Pourpoxy is a metallic pigment powder with a vivid color that looks incredible. Use it for Resin Art over a dark or light basic color, Making River tables with crystal-clear epoxy or color epoxy when filling a mould.

Mix ratio:
In the epoxy the pigment has full coloring by adding 2% to the epoxy resin. You can of course decide for yourself whether adding less or more than 2% gives you the desired result. Below you will find a table of ratios. For more applications you can visit the mix-ratio webpage on Pourpoxy Pigments.

Onyx Pearl Black pigment mix ratio in epoxy resin:

Each pot has a content of 10 or 50 grams of Onyx Pearl Black pigment powder.

Our pigments are offered in resealable and reusable packaging so that the pigments can be kept dry and safe.

The displayed pictures are as accurate as possible, but due to variations in the viewer’s monitor settings, the colors may differ from the actual image, please contact us if you have any questions about a color before purchasing it.

Onyx Pearl Black pigment is sold by weight:
Test, evaluate and determine the suitability of the pigment before full application.

Our pigments are non-toxic, animal friendly, non-irritating and gentle on the skin. These powder pigments are 100% vegan which means that there are no animal products in the pigment powder.

The pigment powder can also be used for the following:
Bath bombs
Candle making
Car Paint

Available in no more than 24 colors also available in set with 24 x 10 grams:
Amethyst Purple
Turquoise Green
Silver Grey
Ruby Red
Rose Red
Caribbean Blue
Royal Blue
Flash Copper
Apple Green
Bright Blue
Blue Green
Flash Gold
Green Gold
Ocean Blue
Violet Purple
Lapis Blue
Bumblebee Yellow
Magenta Purple
Tiger Orange
Emerald Green
Mint Green
Bronze Gold
Onyx Pearl Black
Intense White

These epoxy pigments can also be combined with our other pigments:
Transparent pigments
pigment packs

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