Outer Space Pigment Pack


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Note this package does not contain epoxy. (Only color pigments)

This is the Outer Space Pigment package of Pourpoxy. This package can be used to create masterpieces and can be used with every kind of epoxy.

Create breathtaking resin art with this package. Surprise everyone by making a painting, coaster, table, clock, surfboard, tray, serving board, jewelry or whatever you can think of!

Pourpoxy Pigments metallic series is a pigment powder with a vivid color. Create stunning effects doing it this way. All different colors can be mixed with each other to create even more colors. Make something unique and surprise your family and friends. Be sure to show your result to our team to get a shoutout on Instagram.

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Check out the guide page for a exact explanation on how to make resin art paintings! With a guide for a Resin galaxy!

TIP: Before making an epoxy “resin art” it is advised to take notes from a YouTube video on how this works. This way you avoid surprises and most of all mistakes with your pigment!

The Outer Space pigment package contains the following:

  • Bronze Gold Metallic Pourpoxy pigment( 10 GR )
  • Amethyst Purple Metallic Pourpoxy pigment ( 10 GR )
  • Mint Green Metallic Pourpoxy pigment ( 10 GR )
  • Iridescent Blue Colour Fusion pigment ( 10 GR )
  • Moss Green Colour Fusion pigment ( 10 GR )
  • Violet Purple Metallic Pourpoxy  pigment ( 10 GR )

All these pigments listed above are all you need when creating a galaxy painting with the Outer Space Pigment pigment pack.

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