Made from Bee’s Wax and Mineral Oil and is perfect for the treatment of Food Safe Products


Plankiwax Food Safe Wood Treatment

This natural Food Safe Treatment isĀ  made from Food Grade Mineral Oil and Bee Friendly Bees Wax. It will bring new life to your wooden Cutting Boards.


It is a food-safe product that treats your wooden utensils and butchers blocks, to help make it more water resistant, so that it has a longer kitchen life.

Use the treatment in combination with your Epoxy Resin Products to create safe-food surfaces.

Plankiwax is available in the following quantities:


When making products with Pourpoxy Epoxy Resin it is important to know that surfaces can be scratched when they are used in the kitchen. This is why we manufacture our Epoxy Resin Cutting Boards with Epoxy to the one side and a cutting area to the other side. We treat all our cutting boards with the Plankiwax Food Safe product to ensure that it is safe to use.

Plankiwax also makes your wood surfaces come to life and is ideal to treat your butchers blocks every now and then. It also protects the wood from absorbing food particles that can be harmful when left untreated.

Adding Plankiwax to your old Cutting Boards

This Wax can give new life to old Cutting Boards. Simply sand down the cutting board and rub Plankiwax into the board. Let it stand overnight and then rub of with a paper towel. Adding Mineral Oil to your Cutting Boards this way will reward you with an amazing food safe treatment.

How we use Plankiwax

We use Planki Wax as a standard treatment for all our Epoxy Cutting Boards. The wax is easy to use, food safe and brings out the natural color of the wood. It preserves the wood and ensures that your cutting boards are safe.

Plankiwax Treatment


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106ml, 250ml, 1L, 5L


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