Qualicast Art Epoxy Resin


Resin art casting epoxy is Mainly used for making resin art paintings, coasters and other decorative applications.

Always use protection when using Epoxy!



Qualicast Art Epoxy Resin

This is the epoxy casting resin you need to create beautiful art work. due to its higher viscosity it works great with all sort of pigments. Create beautiful masterpieces yourself! Qualicast Art Epoxy Resin is our best priced Top Quality Resins for Art Work, Jewelry ,Photos and all epoxy projects up to 3mm layer thickness.

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Super easy mixing ratio!

Mixing ratio by weight 100 Parts A : 60 Part B.


✔Crystal clear Epoxy

✔UV stabilized long brightness guarantee

✔Scratch-free surface.

✔Good adhesion to substrate.

✔Water resistant after curing.

✔Due to its UV resistance you can use it outside after curing.

✔Self-ventilating and leveling.

✔2:1 mixing ratio by weight


✘Cannot be poured thickly due to high viscosity (up to 3 mm).

✘ Not recommended to pour transparent over 3mm in height on a bigger surfaces.

Instructions use Qualicast Art Epoxy Resin:

Qualicast Art Resin resin based on Epoxy. The resin is intended for transparent castings. It is perfect to create artwork on protect your artwork with a layer of transparent epoxy. This layer protects and gives a beautiful glass-like appearance. Moreover, this casting resin contains a UV stabilizer. This ensures that your casting has a high UV resistance so that it can also be used outdoors.

Let your creativity run wild and create organites, geode’s, jewelry, cast moulds and so much more!

Combine Qualicast Art Resin with our Metallic and Transparent Pigments in 40 colors!

This way you too can create the most beautiful artworks!

How to use Qualicast Art Epoxy Resin:

TIP: First of all make sure that the object to use for your resin art is level.✔

Our Resin is easy to use. The product comes in 2 parts. 1 part A-component Epoxy and 1 part B-component epoxy hardener. Before casting your project these parts need to be mixed with each other. The mixing ratio by weight of this product is 2 parts A : 1 part B.

It is recommended to mix the products in mixing cups.

The use of mixing stick as opposed to an electric mixer is recommended to ensure that the product remains “air less”. This ensures that there are less air bubbles in your product. During the pouring you will experience that air bubbles rise to the surface. These are easy to dissolve with a burner. So by briefly going over the poured object with a burner you will see the air bubbles disappear. Do this about 2 to 3 times over time. Check out our guide about how to dissolve air bubbles in your epoxy casting resin.

When using epoxy always wear protection like gloves and safety glasses! If you are not in a ventilated area use a respirator!

product properties:

  • The processing time of the product is 45 minutes at 20 degrees.
  • The maximum layer thickness is set to a maximum of 0.3 centimeters or 3mm.
  • After 12 hours dust dry. Overcoatable after 18 hours.
  • To cast a surface of 1 m2 with 1mm you need 1 kg.
  • After curing the surface has a hardness of 85 on the Shore-D scale.
  • Because of this hardness, the surface has a scratch-free finish. (High degree of Scratch Resistance)

TIP: Use the Resin art casting resin to close your object so that you don’t see your epoxy disappear into your table during casting.✔

Applications of Qualicast art epoxy resin:

  • Sealing your wooden tabletop.
  • Fill geodes
  • Epoxy coaters
  • Resin art paintings
  • Create your own epoxy jewelry
  • Creating beautiful works of art.

Help i do not know what Kind of epoxy i should use?!

Check out the link to find out What epoxy you need.


For any other questions about the product or applicability send us a message!

What do you get?

With an order of the Qualicast Resin art casting Epoxy you will receive:

  • A- Component Epoxy
  • B-Component Hardener

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500g, 1kg, 1,6kg, 8kg


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