Red Transparent Pigment


  • Transparent coloring
  • Cheap to use.
  • Red coloration.
  • Easy to use dropper bottle.

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PourPoxy Red Transparent Pigment provides a translucent coloring of your epoxy. The dosage in relation to the epoxy is low which makes it very economical.

The extensive application and proportions can be found on the mixing ratio page. The Pourpoxy transparent pigments are available in 14 separate colors for you to try out. We choose these specific colors as a base line. With these base colors you can create all kind of colors a small portions of this list can be found on the Guides Page.

Red Transparent Pigment and Pigment Packs

Our Red Transparent Pigment can be bought on it’s own or as part of our Transparent Pigment Pack which offer a variety of fourteen different Translucent colors.

Also available as a set of all 14 colors at a discounted price!

Other individual colors include:

Deep Orange
Purple Red

These PourPoxy epoxy pigments are ideal for casting molds, tables, jewelry or when using resin art.

Red Transparent Pigment

You can add this kind of pigment in all our casting resins. Because of the handy dropper bottle you can determine the transparent shade yourself. You do this by mixing after every drop. For thinner layers you need more drops. On average you have a good transparent shade with Purple transparent pigment by adding 0.3% to your casting resin.

These epoxy pigments can also be combined with our other pigments:


Red Transparent Pigment uses.

The Pourpoxy Red Transparent Pigment is perfect to use with casting resin in wood projects to show off the beauty of the wood and epoxy resin combined. Sometimes when you pour epoxy resin with a transparent pigment on wood, you do not get a clear view of the wood. With the Pourpoxy Red Transparent Pigment this is not the case. Because the pigments is of the highest quality it offers clear resin

You can create a darker shade of the pigment by adding more drops of the Transparent Pigment into the mixture. Because of the ease of use, it is possible to create the same shade of mixture over and over again.

All our Pigments can be used in combination with each other and they blend perfectly. If you use the pigments with the Pourpoxy Table Top, Casting Resin or Deep Casting Resin you will find that the mix is perfect. It can however be used with most other Epoxy Resins.

The Pourpoxy Transparent Pigment Liquid makes beautiful Riverflow Tables, Coffee Tables, Cutting Boards, Coasters, Side Tables and showcase pieces.

Our Transparent Pigments can also be used to create a wide variety of colors. For more information on how you can create different colors make sure to check out our article on Transparent Pigment Color Combinations. For instance 4 drops of Red and 6 drops of Brown will make a very nice Rust color.. Check out the chart in the article. This is however not all the options. There are thousands of different options that you can mix with the 14 primary colors that comes in the Transparent Pigment Package.

Why should you use Pourpoxy Pigments

Pourpoxy Metallic and Transparent Pigments are of the highest quality and we take great care in ensuring that our product delivers high quality results. By using it, you can be sure that your customers will be happy with the end results of your project. Good quality ingredients normally delivers good quality end products and projects.

Once you start using the Pourpoxy Red Transparent Pigment you will never want to be without it. Creating deep color effects is easy with this pigment drops. We pride ourselves that we produce high quality products.

Should you need any advice or assistance with any of our products please feel free to contact us.

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