Violet Transparent Pigment


  • Transparent coloring
  • Cheap to use.
  • Violet coloration.
  • Easy to use dropper bottle.

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Violet Transparent Pigment

PourPoxy Violet Transparent Pigment provides a translucent coloring of your epoxy. The dosage in relation to the epoxy is low which makes it very economical.

The extensive application and proportions can be found on the mixing ratio page. The Pourpoxy transparent pigments are available in 14 separate colors for you to try out. We choose these specific colors as a base line. With these base colors you can create all kind of colors a small portions of this list can be found on the Guides Page.

Transparent Epoxy Pigments gives a great look and feel to Epoxy Projects, especially when used in conjunction with Wood. The Violet Transparent Pigment is also compatible with most Epoxy Resin Types and is ideal for use with Pourpoxy Casting Resin or Pourpoxy Deep Casting Resin.

If you want to learn how to use Solid, Transparent, Transluscent and Metallic Pigments to achieve the most, you should consider attending one of our Epoxy Resin Workshops.

Transparent Pigments can also be used in combination with our other pigments and you can create a variety of different effects with them. Try mixing different Translucent Pigment Drops to get even more colors. The dropper container makes it easy to measure the exact amount of drops that you add to your project. This way, you can easily replicate the amount of transparent pigments that you need per project..

When casting Epoxy in your project with Violet Transparent Pigments, you should make sure that all sides and edges of the wood are well covered. By using a brush to brush these edges properly with Epoxy, you will ensure that there is a better bond and this will also ensure that the pigments display better.

Also available as a set of all 14 colors at a discounted price!

Other individual colors include:

Deep Orange
Purple Red

These PourPoxy epoxy pigments are ideal for casting molds, tables, jewelry or when using resin art.

You can add this kind of pigment in all our casting resins. Because of the handy dropper bottle you can determine the transparent shade yourself. You do this by mixing after every drop. For thinner layers you need more drops. On average you have a good transparent shade with Purple transparent pigment by adding 0.3% to your casting resin.

Violet Transparent Pigment


These epoxy pigments can also be combined with our other pigments:


How difficult is it to use Transparent Pigments?

Transparent Pigments are very easy to use, but it is important to know that because the resin is transparent, it is more likely that you will see air bubbles in your epoxy resin. These bubbles can be difficult to remove, but if you follow the rules as set out in our article about bubbles in Epoxy Resin, you should not have a problem. You can also consider using our Pourpoxy Bubble Pop Spray to remove bubbles. The Bubble Pop Spray changes the tension of the epoxy surface and allows bubbles to pop easier.

Can I create my own colors?

You definitely can create your own Transparent Colors. In our article “Transparent Pigment Color Combinations” we supply a very handy chart that can assist you inmixing other colors as well. In fact the color combinations that you can create is virtually endless. To try out all the different colors we suggest that you try our Transparent Pigment Pack. This pack includes all 14 our major colors and will allow you to play around with the colors until you find the combination that works the best for you.

Will the Violet Transparent Pigment let my project take longer to dry?

No the Transparent Pigments does not affect the drying time of the Epoxy.

We are the Official South African Distributors for Pourpoxy Transparent Pigment International


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